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This little lovey puppy brings so much happiness to my life.  🙂  Isn’t she precious?!  I swear she has a face for TV or print…seriously though!

lola collage

Shes’ got such a sweet disposition and is the only dog I know that likes to be held like a baby with her head over my shoulder – I think she likes to see what’s going on, but it’s cute whatever the reason.  As sweet as she can be, when her alter ego comes out – watch out!  Wild puppy! Her wild puppiness with her ‘mighty dog and little champion’ jumps and sprints crack me up.

Shes’ doing well in the training dept.  She knows it’s naughty of her to use the bathroom in the house and has gotten very good at going outside; HOWEVER when mad she may leave a “present” EWW to which I “threaten” that if she’s not good I’ll call Cesar Millan on her. 😉 She’s learned to sit and sometimes shake.  We’re working on really getting down the “come” command and one thing I didn’t think I’d have to teach her is how to go down a set of stairs.  She’ll run her way to the top, but makes no attempt to go down them.  With a little help I’m sure she’ll get it!

Oh my Lola B!