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Okay, this isn’t about a quote from The Anchor Man, but it fit so well.  I’m in love with this lamp.  It’s darling, though quite pricey.

lampYou can find this whimsical lamp at Anthropologie.com. It’s very Alice in Wonderland don’t you think?

Anthropologie is among one of my most favorite stores, but their pretty items can add up quickly!  I like to shop their sales, however I’ll find myself saying “But what if it’s not here by the time it would go on sale?!” and of course they’ve got me at that point, hook – line – and sinker!

I got to wondering if this lamp was something I could make on my own…perhaps!  I love the idea of plain white china with a funky lampshade leaving the teacups to make a statement with their shapes, though patterned china could be very cute as well, with a more subdued shade.

You can make a lamp out of anything, right?  I suppose so; given you have the right tools.   A visit to Lowe’s could be found useful.  With their lamp kit, I think a DIY tea time lamp could be very doable.  This just might be something I’ll have to take a stab at…or save for the almost $200 Anthropologie version.

What if they don’t have it by the time I set aside extra money or they go on sale?!

OH Dear, there I go. 😉