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ShoeDazzle Update:

This is my 4th month with Shoe Dazzle!

My selections so far:


I  had to change my requested size because it seems as though my foot has shrunk a bit.  This means my first pair is a bit roomy, but I’ll make them work some how, they’re too cute not to.  The flats were my 2nd month selection, they’re cute and such a fun color.  The HOT pink ones were amazing in person, but too big so I sadly had to return them and didn’t make a new selection for that month – however, I was credited back.  I loved those shoes and am now in search of a different pink pump to fill the void.  I’ve yet to receive the 4th pair, but did get an email today saying that they’d shipped. YAY!!!  BTW neutrals are huge right now – go get a pair of nude & neutral pumps girls!  Don’t you just love the ruffle and buckle detail on them? So girly!

What makes ShoeDazzle even more fun is that a few of the girls at work are “in the club” too and we share our stylists’ picks with each other.  I love seeing what they get to choose from too!  ShoeDazzle is like a gift from yourself, only it’s still a surprise! 🙂

More shoe news later…

Update: See my latest Shoe Dazzle update – No longer a member