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tRiCk-Or-TrEaT’n Flintstone Style

Like every other Halloween, last Saturday I had the opportunity to dress up as someone I’m not.  However this year’s costume was easy to pull of and my girl friends fit the description of theirs as well.  I’m sure by the title of the post you can guess we went as characters from The Flintstones.  Our friend Jose was a good sport and participated in the fun as well.  I went as Wilma, Beata was Betty, Erin was Pebbles and Jose was Bamm- Bamm.  We didn’t have a Fred or Barney so it looked as though Wilma and Betty were taking their kids for a night out on the town. 😉

flintstone and rubbles copyLooks like the Flintstones are more civilized than the Rubbles, don’t you think?  🙂

elevator 2 copyAt one point we were asked if we’d opened a book of cartoon characters and just picked the ones that we already looked like the most.  I’ll take that compliment for a job well done in pulling off our looks!

The night was a blast, the people watching was great and now we can’t help but to think…What can I be next year???