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Instant photos – Candid moments

I’ve always loved Polaroid photos and I even had one of their cameras when I was younger- the kind that produced little sticker pictures. I honestly don’t know anyone that doesn’t have Polaroids somewhere in an old family album. Some of my best childhood moments are captured on that film. The fun instant photo definitely made a mark on pop culture too – Insert Hey Ya lyrics from Outkast Shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture, shake it, shake it”. Remember how everyone always shook the photo because that was supposed to make the picture appear faster and you knew you shouldn’t shake it because it only messed up the developing process? Polaroids disappeared for a while (see reasons here), but there’s a couple newer cameras on the market that have brought the fun back. I realize I may be kind of late to this game seeing as how the cameras aren’t brandnew, but when I came across them it was exciting. I had no idea the instant photo was back and in such a great way!

Polaroid came up with a full feature digital camera with a built in printer. The PoGo Instant Digital Camera:

Polaroid camera

polaroid-pogo(Find a local retailer here)

Digital Cameras, though wonderful and convenient, also allow us to erase a moment just as quickly as we captured it. So if you’re looking to capture life’s little moments with no redoes, then check out Fuji Film’s camera.

Instax Instant Camera

fuji camera


(Found Here)

I hope to get one of these or something like them for myself one day. I miss the silly photos that you can’t take back. Yes I suppose you can destroy the photo, but where’s the fun in that? 🙂

Happy Memory Making!