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Glitz & Glamour – Sequins

Sequins are back in style this fall (and are sure to roll into winter) and in a big way.  You may be cringing at the thought of wearing sequins because visions of your mom’s puffy dresses from the 80s, ice capades and scary Cher ensembles are quickly appearing in your mind, but don’t worry.  Sequins can go seriously wrong – very quickly I might add. However, most of the recent fashion pieces sporting the sparkling disks have been very fun and pretty; thank goodness! Here are a few items that I love and when paired correctly with ‘basics’ are fabulous!


GuessSteve Madden … Definitely not in Kansas anymore

Kate Spade

Express …LOVE, LOVE this look with the cardigan!

Shine on sequins of 2009 – you’re much hotter than those of the 80s!