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I only like winter up to a certain point and when I reach it I’m over it!  I think I may have reached that point.  The snow is pretty, but I’m ready for spring – ahhh the flowers and pretty colors, and warmer weather :).  I could leave the pollen, but that’s beside the point.  The idea that spring would ever appear early is always just a hope that I have, never really a reality; at least not according to our chubby friend Punxsutawney Phil’s predictions.  I’m sure you’re all well aware that once again little Punx Phil emerged from darkness to see his shadow, giving us – yep you guessed it – SIX MORE WEEKS OF WINTER.  :/ Even if PA were to have an overcast Feb. 2 he can count on his media friends to give him his spotlight – literally.  How could he not see his shadow with all of those camera lights?

In related winter news, we’re expecting snow here in the DC area at least two more times this week.  I won’t be putting my coats, mittens and scarves away anytime soon. 😉

ON THE UP SIDE – I guess we still have an excuse to indulge in hot chocolate! 🙂 Okay maybe I’m not 100% to the point of being over this winter…I’m getting close though.

Bundle Up Buttercups!