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Snowed in dinner and shows:

Mimosas, Pizza (yes it’s a weird combo, but strangely good) and Bridezillas makes for a great night in hanging out with mom. 🙂

Sometimes frozen pizza really hits the spot.

Mom froze orange juice in a silicone mini bunt pan –

perfect for keeping a mimosa cold and not watered down!

I love mimosas!

WE is currently playing hours of the show Bridezillas, so I’m glued to the t.v.  The show stresses me out a little!  How are these brides so horrible?  Oh those rude & crude brides with their screaming and meltdowns. 😉  I don’t get their ridiculousness, but I can’t turn away!  Have you ever noticed that a lot of the bridezillas have pretty tacky weddings?  I guess that’s the price they pay for being so mean.

Hope all you locals are keeping warm!