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Shoe Dazzle Update:

This is my last Shoe Dazzle update.  I’m kind of sad (but not really) to say that I’ve canceled my Shoe Dazzle membership.  I’m sure you remember my previous posts (post 1, post 2) raving about the shoe club, but as time went on, I ended up being disappointed in my shoes.  My feet shrunk due to some weight loss so I changed my shoe size from 8 to 7.5.  No biggie right?  Well, even when my feet were properly fitting into size 8 shoes, the Shoe Dazzle shoes still never fit quite right and then I came to learn that the 7.5 wouldn’t either! That was frustrating.  I’m left wondering if anyone else has had the same problem of not finding a proper fit with Shoe Dazzle???  Now, I realize that I was only spending $40 on each pair of shoes, but let’s be honest; I NEED that to be a $40 well spent and it just wasn’t.  In addition to the ill fit, I wasn’t a fan of the quality.  In the end, I rather put that $40 toward a better fitting/higher quality shoe…and if I’m lucky I might even find a great sale now and again that brings the cost of a fabulous shoe to the $40 neighborhood.

I’m all about saving a buck and the idea of an inexpensive monthly shoe club sounded like a good idea, but sadly ended up being a waste.  A couple of sites that I do enjoy shopping from and often find great deals on are Zappos and Endless.  I also like to check out Gilt Groupe from time to time to see what kind of designer deals they’re offering.

I may have a beer budget, but I still have my champagne dreams….