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Last Friday I was welcomed into the last year of my mid-twenties…ahhh! I’ve gotta tell you though, wooo buddy 26 is PRETTY AMAZING; LIFE CHANGING, REALLY! 😉  All kidding aside, every year that I’m still here is a good one; I’ll just have to see what this year brings and what I can bring to it!

My BDay celebrations included having dinner with my super wonderful family at Legal Seafood – so yum! and going out with friends in Georgetown the next night to a little place called Mr. Smith’s.  Though the bar area is small and quickly cramped it’s usually a pretty good time and the perfect place to grab a drink and sing along with the piano man (who that night seemed like he’d had a couple of drinks himself ;)).  Oh and did I mention it was the 3rd annual Liz and Beata birthday celebration combo?  When your best girl friend’s birthday is only a week apart from yours what’s better than celebrating together?  We totally got a BDay shout-out by the piano guy that was followed by everyone in the bar sing “Happy Birthday” to us AND THEN a “Don’t Stop Belivin'” dedication.  That totally made our night!

The Birthday Girls – Me and Beata

Becca and Jose were there to join in on the fun

Most of the girls

Good times with great company.