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It’s been over a year since our 44th was voted into that oval office in a pretty white house and I still haven’t come around in seeing “how fabulous” he is.

Here’s a quote I enjoy, it picks me up because it’s funny, but it also frustrates me because it’s true.

“Except the problem is that voting for Obama a year ago was a fashion statement, much like it was once a fad to buy Beanie Babies, pet rocks and Cabbage Patch Kids.  But instead of ending up with a ridiculous dust-collector at the bottom of your closet, the Obama fad leaves you with higher taxes, a reduced retirement no job and a one-year wait for an MRI.” – Ann Coulter

Oh that Ann Coulter – she’s funny.

Some people seem to be quite offended by her.  Perhaps they’re lacking a bit in the sense of humor department?