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I’m focusing on my hair today rather than an accessory or a piece of clothing.  I’ve seen this type of hairstyle in many catalogs this year and I love it.  It looks effortless and  still very pretty.

(from Anthropologie ♥)

We have very humid summers in the DC metro area; that combined with my naturally curly hair easily makes for a bad hair day.  I actually grew my bangs out this year specifically because of the hassle that they pose in the summertime.  Anyways, I’ve given this hairstyle (well my version of it) a go for the past couple of days and I love it.  It’s quick and easy – I just blow dry my hair with a diffuser and then smooth out the hair framing my face a bit, gather it back in a low ‘bun’ and then hairspray and bobby pin the remaining loose ends – that’s it!

If you’re looking for an easy do this summer you should definitely give this one a go.