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Or what I was wearing today…

I set my alarm last night for an early wake up so that I could roll out of bed and hit the treadmill before getting ready for work.  Since I’m not much of a morning person and needed a bit more motivation to workout I thought that looking half way decent while doing so would give me the extra oomph I needed.  I didn’t grab my usual tank top and random pair of athletic shorts, instead I went for my coral and gray Saucony top and shorts.  They’re definitely my new favorite running ensemble.  Their fit is great and they’re super comfy.

I looked the best that I could at that hour with no makeup and bedhead in these:

Women’s Speed Short Sleeve

Women’s PE Revival Short

What kind of running shoes do I wear, you ask?  Well I’m so glad you asked because I love my running shoes and am always happy to share what I wear. I run in New Balance’s WR1224.  I over pronate (meaning my feet roll inward) so in order to fix my gait I have to wear a shoe with maximum motion control.  I LOVE them!

Go out there and get some exercise – while looking good doing it of course! 😉