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So have you wondered if I’m still running since my 10 miler and half marathon?

I have been, I keep coming back for more! 🙂

I was injured for a while and wasn’t able to run, but I eventually threw myself back into running and am now training for a 10K.  The race is part of National Run @ Work Day and registrations will help support a US Army platoon stationed in Afghanistan that we’ve adopted – warms my heart.  This run is special not because I’m running for fun or my health, but because I’m running in support of the men and women that live to defend our country.

So…here I go again.  I have just over 1 month of training until race day; 6.2 miles yikes!

What’s next? Hopefully the Warrior Dash in October. Well, scratch that on off the to-do list for this year.  I didn’t have camping buddies available, maybe next year…totes!