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I’ve never had a peanut butter cup in my entire life, but I know their popularity so I wanted to try them in a way that is safe for my food allergies. So, this is what went through my sweet tooth mind: Chocolate, yum. Almond Butter, yum. Chocolate + Almond Butter? Of course that’s even better! Add a bit of sea salt and baby, you’ve just taken them to a whole new level of good.

Ingredients / Directions:
* 1/2 c smooth almond butter
* about 3 Tbsp powdered sugar aka icing sugar
* pinch of fine sea salt
* 1/2 tsp natural vanilla extract
* 1 package of Enjoy Life chocolate chips
* additional sea salt for sprinkling on top

Mix together your almond butter, salt, vanilla, and enough powdered sugar.  This should form a very soft kneadable ball – it took about 3 Tbsp for me to get the right consistency. I use Barney Butter brand almond butter; I find I like its texture and flavor the best –soooo good.

Line your cupcake/muffing tin with liners – I got about 16 mini cups out of this recipe. If you don’t have tins or at least the mini one and are arranging your cups on a plate, it may be a smart idea to double up on liners for added stability.

Melt your chocolate by microwaving it in 30 second increments, stirring after each until completely melted and smooth. Then, fill the bottom of your liners with the melted chocolate and place in the fridge for a few minutes to firm up.

Next, divide your almond butter “paste” into 16 equal parts (for mini liners), less should you choose regular sized cupcake liners.  Gently roll your paste into balls and flatten slightly.

Remove your tin from the fridge, the chocolate should be a little firm by now.  Place an almond butter ball on top of each chocolate-filled liner.  Try not to let the ball touch sink through to the bottom (if you press it down a bit) the bottom or sides if possible. Spoon more melted chocolate into each cup making sure it covers the sides and top of the almond butter ball. Gently shake your tin or use a spoon to level the chocolate.

Place the finished cups in the fridge to finish firming up. Once they’ve had a little sit in the fridge you can take them out to sprinkle a bit of your sea salt on top and then return them to the fridge to firm throughout.  If you choose not to add sea salt to the top and leave them as they are leave them in the fridge to firm throughout as well.  I made some with and without the salt.

Store in an air tight container and in the fridge to prevent melting. You can serve them in or out of the liners.