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Leprechaun Lap 2011 – DC Bar Crawl:

I actually didn’t see a single glass of green beer, but the drink specials made up for the lack of green beverages…I suppose.  😉  Even with the absence of green beer there was still plenty of green to be seen. I went conservative with my green because I don’t actually own anything that’s outlandish enough to count as a great costume.  Becca on the other hand, was ready to get down with all the green beans and rocked an outfit that was perfect for the day, suspenders and all. 🙂  Where I and others lacked in our green craziness others definitely made up for it.

These gents kept it classy with the mustaches and wow a leprebunny?  Now that’s a rare sighting, how lucky were we? 😉

Aaaaand we’re walking – just takin’ a little lap around DC

Bagpiper & a buck, that’s how we roll.

From Black Finn to 19th to The Mighty Pint to Public Bar.  I think we can all sum up our day/night with the words, GREEN, FRIENDS, BEER, LUCK, AFRICA & “I LOVE AMEREEKAH!” (that was shouted by a man who asked us why were were all in green and what we were celebrating – ahh-mazing 🙂 ) So much fun and I think we’d all do it again.