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and this {sigh} is all I have to show for it…

N-I-N-E  H-O-U-R-S! and this is it?!

A frankfurter lunch in Frankfurt ...

...while watching the Lufthansa planes come in and go out.

I did manage to squeeze {like one really has to “squeeze” anything into a huge nine hour waiting time with nothing to do but read and people watch} in time for a mani/pedi before lunch.  Ummm airports are expensive!  Really though, where else could I go?  I was a single girl traveling alone in a country I wasn’t one bit familiar with…not really material to go exploring unless I wanted to end up on the news.  They had me right where they wanted me. 🙂

9 hours of sleep deprivation delirium later, I hopped on a new plane and arrived in Krakow and was reunited with BB where we practically fell over from our excitement while hugging each other.  Once I arrived to Christine’s flat {BB’s friend I was staying with} I was welcomed with a super cute Happy Birthday & Welcome to Poland basket (complete with a {Polish} sausage and bottle of vodka) from BB.

My Polish Happy Birthday Basket of Love

I was on Polish soil and so from there it was when in Poland… 😉