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My big news that I just know y’all have been waiting for is that I’ve moved! WHAT?! 😉 Yes, I know this comes as no new news to my friends that I’ve moved away from, but for everyone else…yep!  I’m no longer in the DC area.  I followed my heart {to be with my boyfriend} and my desire for a new job doing something I love and hit the road that brought me to the peach state – Georgia.

Moving isn’t always that big of a deal, but for a girl that has never in her life lived in a different state from her family,this was HUGE! Me, Lola a U-haul and my moving crew {Will -the bf} packed up my life and away we went.  Being states away from my family & friends is tough, but it was time for this chickadee to spread her wings and fly.  So far life is peachy in GA and I’m super excited to see where this journey takes me.

My schedule has been quite hectic with the move and start of a new job so it’s taken so long, too long, to change up my blog and finally post what’s been going on. Hopefully it was worth the wait?

Along with the move came the holidays right around the corner and the division of who gets what holiday where.  We spent Thanksgiving in VA with my family so that means I’ll be spending my first Christmas away from my family to be with my love and his family this year. There’s no way I’m arriving to their house empty handed – I mean I will have gifts of course, but still. I’ve been making my best attempt to channel Betty Crocker and have been whipping up cookies {allergy friendly of course}. There’s nothing wrong with earning a few brownie or in this case cookie points right? 😉 I’ll have to share  my recipes later.

We started our GA holiday jingle janglin’ partying a couple of weeks ago at a tacky Christmas sweater party.  Check us out, just a couple of Christmas elves visiting from the North Pole. We’re here for your gift wrapping needs. 😉

With just one week left I’m sure things are getting a bit hectic in everyone winter wonderlands as they have been in mine.  Today I had the joy of batting the Fed-Ex store and the post office.  It’s pure insanity out there, but I can breath a bit easier knowing my gifts and cards have been sent. Now, I’m saying a prayer that everything gets to the proper destination on time.