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Picture this – a white sawhorse desk with a ghost chair or a tufted chair and on either chair a pillow in a fun pattern, let’s say chevron because I do love a good chevron pattern. Did you picture it? It’s lovely isn’t it? It’s what I’m looking for and cannot make up my mind as to what type of chair I’d rather have. I already have the desk.

The dilema: I like to mix casual and comfy with a bit of glam, and in my opinion both options get the job done just in different ways. So I dream and look for inspiration via Pinterest…

Do y’all see my dilema? Aren’t they all beautiful? Here are the specific chairs I’m deciding between – Tufted & Ghost. A good bit of me is saying to go with the tufted chair because it may be a bit more practical right now and I can always change to a ghost chair later…hmmm.

What do you think?
Such a pickle.