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I woke up this morning with a craving for doughnuts so my love helped make my doughnut wishes come true. After a short drive we were in carb and sweet overload heaven. I was thrilled to be at a Krispy Kreme shop for the first time ever and loved taking in the yummy smells and the doughnut making process {you can watch the magic happen}. I was a kid in a candy shop doughnut shop!

*Note* I was bad today, not just because of the calories, but because I know those fried rings of delicious glazed dough definitely contained dairy and soybean oil. I knew I was up against a tummy ache … it was worth it – this time. Correction, it may have been worth it had I stopped at one doughnut. A little regret & a sick tummy set in later, a little feeling of it was worth it still remains…I mean they were so good and the experience was fun.

It usually is the little things in life that make my day and today it was a visit to a doughnut shop. Actually, it made my weekend.

Hope it was lovely where ever the weekend found you!