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1. gia cosmetic bag
2. illustrated top shelf cake plate
3. tee
4. terry bag

CONFESSION: I’ve been eating cake for breakfast this week. *sigh* Yes, a delicious sugary carb bomb every morning. This obviously inspired me to share a few Kate Spade items that I love {none of which I own, unfortunately}.

The Back Story: One day I was browsing, dreaming and lusting over pretty things on Pinterest and came across a recipe for a banana upside-down cake. I was intrigued and of course followed the link to a blog post where the recipe was posted in Polish and in English. I was immediately excited and had to share it with my bestie who is currently living in Poland. It gave me a great idea for our next Skype date – we would each bake the cake and have a slice together while we chatted countries apart. So, we set a date for this past Sunday – I was super excited. I love to bake and love to chat and catch up with my best friend in the entire world, this was going to be fabulous!

Last Saturday I baked my cake in preparation for my chick chat and cake date. That night my love and his best were my dinner dates {I made mini meat loafs & sweet potato tots – YUM!} and my banana upside-down cake taste testers. I wasn’t concerned about cutting into the cake early since I only really needed one slice the next day. My Skype date came and because of glitches with Skype I thought my friend was a no-show. Tears ensued. I’d baked and had been so excited and had been missing my friends like crazy {still am} since moving from VA and always miss BB since she’s SO far away. Turns out she thought I was a no-show too. Thank goodness for Facebook messaging because we got a hold of each other that way and then got things straightened out and were able to get Skype working – whew! While she didn’t forget about me, she did forget to bake. No biggie, and though it would’ve been fun we each made a cup of tea instead. 🙂

Now you know why I had so much cake to eat. I suppose I could’ve altered the recipe and made cupcakes to freeze, but oh well. Each morning this week I’ve indulged in my banana upside-down cake, at times cutting an actual slice and others just taking a fork to it for a few bites here and there. In my defense it’s better to have your carbs earlier in the day, right? And what’s the difference between eating cake or having a muffin or pancakes?

Moral of my story {kind of}? I’m an advocate for eating cake for breakfast and would love one of the Kate Spade items to display my sweet belief.

Please tell me y’all eat cake for breakfast too?!