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I wanted to share a few of my favorite bold patterned iPhone cases I found while shopping for my own. I currently have this case from Kate Spade, and while I think it’s really cute I’ve found that my phone likes to almost fall out of it, has my iPhone lost weight or has my cover some how stretched? I’m pretty sure we all know the answer. How sad. I decided my next cover was going to be a hard case and no, I’m not ready to give into the bulky so called indestructible cases just yet…or probably ever.

iPhones seem to have made it as one of our great techie fashion accessories or, they are if we choose for them to be. I wanted something fun, funky and kind of bold for spring/summer so I chose #4. Something about it says free spirit and music festival to me. Maybe I long for sunshine, braids in my hair and chill music? I’m not a hipster chick, but I still love the case. I was hoping to have it in my possession before posting my finds. I’m not so lucky, it’s been lost in the mail. USPS tracking says I should have had it on Friday, buuuut I’m still waiting. I’ve placed a phone call to my local Mr. Mcfeely {anyone else now uncomfortable with that name after growing up having watched and loved Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood? anyways…} and so I wait and wait to hear what has come of my pretty lost cover.


  1. Marc by Marc Jacobs Ikat
  2. Found on Society6 Sketchy Ikat
  3. Found on Society6 Overdose Aztec Print
  4. Found on Society6 Aztec No. 2 
  5. J Crew Leopard Print
  6. Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Print
  7. Pencil Shavings Studio on Etsy Neapolitan Stripe
  8. On Your Case Store on Etsy Hello Pink Stripe

I will make an update to this post if and when I finally have my fun new case.




Update: Just when I was about to call the Post Office again {because shocker I never heard back from them like they’d promised}, I pulled up my tracking info to have it ready for the call. Wouldn’t you know, my tracking information had magically changed and the delivery date did as well. I got my case that day. I love it, it fits like a glove {and won’t stretch b/c of the material} and it’s SO cute. Just an FYI about Society6: they use Case-Mate cases. If you’re wondering if I’d recommend it – yes, yes I would. 🙂