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Please excuse the look of my blemished face, I keep saying I’d like to try Proactive again to even things out, but I really want a specific kit that QVC offers and it’s forever unavailable. I’ve been stubborn and have been trying to wait for it to be available again, but I’m about to just bite the bullet and get a smaller kit to start with while I wait. I believe the Georgia springtime allergies are having a bit of an effect on my skin also.

The Outfit:

  • Shoes: Report {found here}
  • Jeans – my good ol’ Joes best friend style {found here}. I’m really poor on jeans right now, which didn’t use to be the case, but I CANNOT for the life of me find jeans that I love and fit me properly. Also when I buy jeans I want real jeans not the super thin stuff some stores seem to be dishing out. Have any of y’all tried and had success with the new Levi’s that you take a curve quiz for?
  • Top: J.Crew Factory Lace Front Popover {found here}. Psst it’s on clearance! 🙂
  • Earrings: Nordstrom CZ Round Studs {found here}. They’re such a staple in my wardrobe.
  • Bracelet: J.Crew Carlyle Bracelet {circa 2010}

IT’S FRIDAY! Are you feeling like THIS too? I as well as many of you, I’m sure, are super excited for today, it’s Fridayand Hunger Games comes out today! My boyfriend and I are dying to see the movie and we haven’t even read the books, they’re on my list though. I made sure to purchase advanced tickets so that we would definitely be able to get into the theater. I highly expect this to be an event with many a kid sporting a Hunger Game T-shirt. haha.

Have a lovely friday! I hope your work day flies by and you enjoy your start to the weekend!