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To me! Well earlier this week – Monday to be exact. 🙂 I’m still a 20-something, but getting closer and closer to being a 30 something…a lady never tells her true age? 😉 Um yeah right, I’m going to wave my 28 year old flag proud!

YIKES! It’s so real when I say it. 28. years. old. young! Yes…young, that’s better. *sigh* Without getting into a looooong sad story about how I was neutropenic when I was little and wasn’t supposed to live to see most of my birthdays I’ll just say only that and keep it short and sweet. Because of my past every trip around the sun is reason to celebrate. To say I’ve been around 28 times is thrilling!

28 times around with a to-do list and i-hope list longer than ever, but no longer with due dates attached to those lists. I’ve finally come to terms that my timeline is just that, my very own. I have been a late bloomer in pretty much everything but that’s okay, I have a life full of beauty and sweetness, a pretty sweet life (*giggles*).

As a newbie GA peach I was dying to celebrate my birthday with southern charm —> Destination: Savannah GA

Here’s my recap via Instagram
Isn’t it lovely there?! We stayed at Foley House Inn, located in the historic district. It was my first time staying at a B&B and it was sooooo perfect! I’d be silly not to recommend it to all of y’all. The weekend was such a perfect gift from my handsome love. As I expected, I fell head over heels for the sweet city and dream of my next trip there.