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There was so much to love about June’s GlossyBox (USA). Here are the details and my thoughts about the latest delivery of samples…

1. AHAVA Mineral Botanic Hibiscus & Fig Velvet Cream Wash: Oh good gracious I AM IN L-O-V-E with this body wash! The Dead Sea Mineral containing wash has such a heavenly scent and silky (velvety) lather. Will I spend the $22 for the full size? ABSOLUTELY! AND, I may just splurge and get the lotion also.

2. FIRST AID BEAUTY Fab Smooth Shave Cream: Okay, I do really like this product BUT I’m so sad it has soybean oil in it. Though it boasts being tested for allergies I can promise that only means for sensitive skin and it has no harsh ingredients but sadly it does have an ingredient from a top 8 allergen.  I did try it and I was okay, but since skin is an organ (did you know that?) I try not to make a habit of using beauty products containing soy (dairy and peanuts…trust me the peanuts thing does exist in beauty). With that said, the shave cream is really nice and is like a conditioner for your legs. It makes for a happy shaving experience and leaves your skin feeling nicely moisturized after showering.

3. VBEAUTE Light Up & Buying Time & Eye Never: These products are meant to rev up your skin – give it that healthy glow, lighten up dark spots and save your skin from Father Time. They absorb nicely and don’t have a funky smell like some pricey products I know of. It will take more than just these little samples for me to see if they work their wonders. They are quite expensive, but if you have room to splurge they could very well be worth it!

4. A PERFUME ORGANIC Urban Organic: I’ll be honest, I haven’t opened it yet. It’s supposed to be a fresh and citrus daytime scent….to be determined. I does look like it has staying power, it’s more of a perfume oil than a thinned out alcohol based fragrance.

5. WELLA Enrich Moisturizing Treatment: Love it! It’s lightweight but packed with great moisturizing power, probably in part to the silk extract. My naturally curly locks were left happy and light, not greasy and weighed down at all! If you have a salon that carries it I’d definitely recommend trying it.

6. OFRA COSMETICS Eye Shadow Ice: They claim it’s suitable for all weather conditions and I have to say including it in the box during a hot and humid time was so smart of Glossybox/Ofra. I’m not one to necessarily rock a smoky eye all the time and since I got the black I decided to use it as an eyeliner and apply it with an eyeliner brush. I kind of love it in that application. It goes on smoothly in more of a pewter black, not as harsh as some blacks, and because it is infused with primer it really does stay put (even in GA’s humidity slathered heat). I’d definitely try other colors!

7. GLOSSYBOX’S GLOSSY MAGAZINE: lots of inspiration for different summertime beauty looks. It was a fun addition to all the other treats!

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