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I love Instagram and seeing all the lovely posts from those I follow. And, I especially love when they post pics of their fur babes. I of course post my sweet girl Lola and sometimes my boyfriend’s boy, Dutch. Why wouldn’t I want to share them with others?! I may be a bit partial to their cuteness, but other people tell me what sweeties they are too. 😉

Here’s a list of a few blogs/instagrammers with sweet little fluffs of love that I adore:

Little White Wildflower (@alittlebitfancy) with sweet Tike and George – a couple of Jack Russels that will steal your heart.

OhSoGlam (@christinadefilippo) with her ball of fluff Mischa. I can’t say that I’m a total cat person (even if kitty was my first word 🙂 ), probably because I’m allergic, but she is way too cute!

Mackenzie Horan (@mackenzieHoran) Not only does she have a super cute online boutique (Design Darling) but she has the most darling cockapoo.

Coffee Cake and Cardio (coffeecakeandcardio)with her new puppy Theodore! Have you ever heard of a cuter name for a Westie pup?  Me neither.

And well since I’m gushing over everyone else’s babies I think it’s only right I share a few pics of mine and where you can find them (@prettysweetlife on instagram, @prettysl on twitter)