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Hi loves! It’s been a long time and thankfully the craziness that came with packing up all of my belongings and moving them to a new home has finally simmered (and I have internet service – woo hoo!). Now that I’m unpacked and can better take inventory of my extra space I find myself even more excited about the new nest than I was before.

For years I’ve wanted to refinish my hand-me-down kitchen table but I’ve just never gotten around to it, probably because when I do so I definitely need new chairs and haven’t found “the ones”.  Anyways, I love the table but the chairs that go along with it have to go.  And, since my new place has more kitchen space than before my hope of adding a settee to the chairs just might become a reality if I find one that I love.

Here are a few kitchen/dining looks that I’ll be pulling inspiration from while in search for  my missing pieces. I’ll be looking for white hues. You could say the feel I’m trying to achieve is a bit farmhouse glam.