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Well, well, well there you are is probably what y’all are thinking.  And to that my response is FOR REAL!  What can I say, 2013 started off with pure craziness – the flu, busy work schedule, training for a race later this year and the oh-so important decisions of new pillows for the couch haha!  Oh and that reminds me…Happy (very belated) New Year! I hope that you’ve all welcomed 2013 with ease.

I’m not a huge beginning of the year resolution maker, but rather a goal maker throughout the year.  I have over all goals for 2013, but take things bit by bit.  I figure this way I’m less likely to fail and hopefully don’t find myself overwhelmed.

I’m often teased by my boyfriend that I am OCD when it comes to organization and cleanliness, but I can easily find room for improvement in my time management (he’d agree). And yes, I’m definitely a type A, but OCD nah. 😉

ipadOne goal for the beginning of the year is to become organized enough to create time for myself and my dreams.  Perhaps I need to start scheduling that “me time”.  To help, I’m keeping my day to day scheduling/organization done electronically and hopefully not caving for a regular planner. Eeep! This is a toughy.  I love picking out a planner each year and writing my appointments down – I’m old school.  No appointments were typically ever kept on my iPhone because everything was always neatly written down and maybe even had an accompanying doodle. That has all changed.  I received an iPad from my parents this year (amazing!) and fell in love with it, hard.  I read books on it, play games, check my email and all the numerous social media sites I’m on.  And, now I keep my day-to-day tasks, appointments and notes on it.  All of my calendars are synced and now and I’m relying on my iPad and iPhone.  It’s a change and a hard one to get used to.  I miss writing things down, but so far I’ve done well and like that I have fewer items to carry around in my purse or work bag. If I do feel the need to purchase a planner I love this idea that Carly of The College Prepster suggested for extra planners.

I’d love to know how you keep your daily appointments and happenings organized and if you’ve made the switch to electronic organizing.