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Here’s a quick update from Christmastime. I baked a TON of cookies – enough for my office gifts and for my family, celebrated my pup’s 1st birthday and had an absolutely wonderful Christmas with my mom, dad and brother. Now, I’m on my first vacation of the year. I know, I know it’s the LAST WEEK of the year and I’m just now taking a vacation. What can I say…(pat myself on the back moment or maybe not)…I’m a hopelessly dedicated worker. New Years Resolution: TAKE A VACATION – maybe even in the summer, like normal people do. haha.

Little Lola B. had her cupcake toy (that she obviously loved) destroyed and unfortunately taken away from her in less than 10 minutes. She was eating the plastic so I had no choice but to take it away. OH DID SHE CRY! It’s so funny how much she (and Sophia) act like little kids sometimes. Silly isn’t she?

Until I write again…